15 i 16.01.2022 FC Golden Stars organized its first tournament. All went well.
Participants in the F category:
1.) SV Würenlos
2.) FC Srbija
3.) Swiss Football School
4.) FC Golden Stars
5.) FC Regensdorf a
6.) FC Regensdorf c
7.) SV Würenlos b
8.) FC United
9.) FC Greifensee a
10.) FC Greifensee b

Our juniors didn’t have much luck. One win, two ties and one loss. Many goal post hits – unfortunantly. We played against 2and from the group 2 in the quarter finals, which was the FC Regensdorf. It was a tuff match, but we won 2:1. We lost in semifinals to a tournamnet winner SV Würenlos a. We played with Swiss Football School for 3rd and 4th place. A tuff game also, where we had a lead of 1:0. Swiss Football School managed to turn the score to 1:2. We managed to even the score 2 minutes before the end, but the opponent was shooting penalties better, thus placing us at the 4th place.

G juniors: Consisted of 6 squads. Tournament rules were: every team plays with another, after which the 1st and 2and tema play, then 3td and 4th, and then 5th and 6th. Our G juniors got together in december. Ranking is as follows:
1.) Swiss Football School
2.) Wettswil-Bonstetten 2
3.) FC Red Star
4.) FC Dielsdorf
5.) FC Golden Stars
6.) Wettswil-Bonstetten
Second day started with mcuh more intensity. There were more teams in the play. The morning was reserved for the D juniors, and the afternoon was for the E juniors. We didn’t have a team competing in the D category. We had a team in E category, but they played badly. They picked up the phase at the last match against Wohlen U10 with the lead of 1:0. But 2 minutes before the end our goalkeeper and right guard made some terrible mistakes which led to our loss with 1:2.