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Motivation drives you, but discipline brings you to the finnish line

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810, 2022

Wettinger Turnament

October 8th, 2022|Categories: Tournament|Tags: |

08/10/2022 our juniors went on another tournament. This time we were guests at the fc Juventina in Vetingenu. The teams consisted of different selections of generations, and we played against: 2x 2014, 2x 2015, 3x 2016 and 2x 2017. We played mainly against 2014 and 2015 teams. Our juniors managed to make it to semi-finals, but we finished 4th. [...]

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“ Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star ”
“ Good results are always a consequence of good discipline ”
“ Don’t worry about falls, worry about opportunities you miss if you don’t even try ”

“ When you fell that you can’t go further, that is the time you must continue ”

“ What hurts the most is the fact that you could have given all you had, but you didn’t ”

Meet the coaches

Zivorad Mitrovic
Zivorad MitrovicHead coach
25 years of coaching experience. Trained the juniors of FC Zurich. Was the coach of many professional players, some of whom also play for the Swiss national team.
Dragan Mitrovic
Dragan MitrovicTrainer
Former junior of FC Zurich and FC Red Star Belgrade. Was a coach in several football schools. Currently a second division referee.
Michele Tornambé
Michele TornambéTrainer
Started his coaching career at FC Neumünster as a trainer for B juniors. 1994 transferred to FC Zürich, where he started in D junior team, and switched to C juniors. The height of his career peaked as an U15-U16 coach for FC Zürich. 3 times Swiss cup champion, 1 finals in Nike cup in Wien, and 3rd place in European cup in Poland. After that he trained youngsters in Letzikids until 2018. After Zürich he trained D juniors in FC United. Michele wanted to end his coaching career, but eventually he decided to pass on his extensive experience to the players of FC Golden Stars. He has B+ and diploma for goalkeepers.
Neca Bulutić
Neca BulutićTrainer
Currently a player at YF Juventus as B junior. He is also a 1418 Coach and a referee.
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