Strong training is desirable, but health is always a priority. As experienced coaches, and former players, we are the first ones to know the seriousness of the consequences of injuries and inadequate training


We all know about the excitement that sports bring, but ambitions can sometimes disrupt the experience of fulfillment. Our goal is to maintain a positive spirit and healthy competition that is relieving so that everyone have fun on the way to the stars


With our partner network we can always provide everything that is needed for someone to become a professional player. We are always ready to follow all your ambitions and provide everything you need to make your dreams come true


Showers are available for all players to use

The complex has a cafeteria that also offers meals plans

Free parking is available to all

Of course, each of the pitches has a section for spectators. However, force majeure like COVID-19 can prevent the gathering of spectators…

Mainly by e-mail or by phone, and in addition a football school will be organized on Wednesdays where players are analyzed and drawn for our teams. It is also possible to apply for a trial training.

It depends on several factors: discipline, quality, desire to work, absence from training, arrival of a better player for the same position, etc…
We give our best to contribute to the development of your child in football, mental, social and physical terms. Support and commitment until the very end (regardless of ambitions)
Contact us to find out which plan is best for your child

Contact us for more information because not all trainings are the same

FC Golden Stars

Annual membership

  • 2-3 trainings per week
  • Several age groups
  • Progress monitoring

Individual trainings

  • Fitness, strength and cardio
  • Tactics
  • Skill perfecting

Football school

  • Every Wednesday
  • Complete analysis
  • Consideration of possibilities

Contact us

We are at your disposal for any additional information, clearing perplexing parts or help with appointments. Fill out the contact form, and in relation to the information you have entered we will respond to you by e-mail or phone call

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