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2205, 2022

G Juniors Tournament – Yakin Arena

Our G juniors won the 3rd place. It started with the hardest game in entire tournament - against Volen. We lost with 1:2 score. In the next two games we were definitely a lot better, winning 7:0 against Talvil B and 5:0 against EduFoot. Semifinals was against Talvil A. We started with 1:0, but due to our mistakes the opponent turned the score and won 1:2. Match for 3rd place was against Tössfeld, in which we were better in every aspect, thus winning with the score of 8:0.

1804, 2022

Golden Stars Football Event Tournament

At 12. & 13.03.2022 the FC Golden Stars organized their 2and tournament. Luckily, there were no special corona measures so everyone was relived. G Junioren: 1. FC Aarau 2. Swiss Football School 3. FC United 4. FC Golden Stars 5. FC Buchs-Dällikon 6. FC Knonau-Mettmenstetten 7. FC Dielsdorf 8. FC Engstringen F1 Junioren: 1. FC Golden Stars 2. SCR Altach 3. FootRebel 4. FC Regensdorf 5. FC Zürich-Affoltern Fb1 6. FC Zürich-Affoltern Fb2 7. FC Golden Stars b 8. SV Rümlang 9. FC Bülach 10. SCR Altach b 11. FC Dielsdorf 12. SV Lottstetten/Altenburg F2 Junioren: 1. Swiss Football School 2. FC Oetwil-Geroldswil 3. FC Kilchberg-Rüschlikon 4. FC Zürich Affoltern a 5. FC Republika Srpska 6. FC Effretikon b 7. FC United 8. FC Zürich Affoltern b 9. FC Effretikon a 10. FC Wiesendangen E Junioren: 1. FC Schwamendingen 2. SV Höngg 3. FootRebel 4. FC Obersigenthal 5. FC Kilchberg-Rüschlikon 6. FC Golden Stars 7. FC Glarus 8. FC Dietikon 9. SC Wipkingen 10. Swiss Football School D Junioren: 1. FC Republika Srpska 2. FC Einsiedeln 3. FC Oberrieden 4. FC Schlieren 5. FC Oberrieden b 6. FC Golden Stars 7. FC Schlieren 8. FC Affoltern Zürich [...]

1601, 2022

Golden Stars Tournament

15 i 16.01.2022 FC Golden Stars organized its first tournament. All went well. Participants in the F category: 1.) SV Würenlos 2.) FC Srbija 3.) Swiss Football School 4.) FC Golden Stars 5.) FC Regensdorf a 6.) FC Regensdorf c 7.) SV Würenlos b 8.) FC United 9.) FC Greifensee a 10.) FC Greifensee b Our juniors didn't have much luck. One win, two ties and one loss. Many goal post hits - unfortunantly. We played against 2and from the group 2 in the quarter finals, which was the FC Regensdorf. It was a tuff match, but we won 2:1. We lost in semifinals to a tournamnet winner SV Würenlos a. We played with Swiss Football School for 3rd and 4th place. A tuff game also, where we had a lead of 1:0. Swiss Football School managed to turn the score to 1:2. We managed to even the score 2 minutes before the end, but the opponent was shooting penalties better, thus placing us at the 4th place. G juniors: Consisted of 6 squads. Tournament rules were: every team plays with another, after which the 1st and 2and tema play, then 3td and 4th, and then 5th and 6th. [...]

1212, 2021

Yakin Trophy Tournament

Our Juniors started rough with first match being a loss against Zurich Afoltern. We won the next two games, but in the last match of the group phase after leading 1:0 we received a goal 30 seconds before the end. This came with the cost of first place for the group phase. As a second team we had to face a stronger opponents on our journey to the finals. In quarter-finals we were losing against Schliren with the score of 0:2, but we managed to overturn the score and won 3:2 - leaving the opponent coach filled with rage. In the semifinals we played against Noykrih Egnah, which ended with the score of 3:2. We were leading the entire match and received those goals mainly by our mistakes. Our final match was against Schvarmendingen. The game started with them scoring a goal.  We scored for a tie, then we scored for 2:1, and then scored again for 3:1. We received one more goal by the end of the match, wining the game with the score of 3:2. Fun fact: we won all our final matches with the score of 3:2. For the first time we have won the tournament, [...]

2011, 2021

Juniors Trophy Unterägeri Tournament

Our E team participated in their third tournament. In the group phase we managed to climb to 2and place, but since there were no semifinals, in the next phase we were playing for 3rd and 4th place. In the final match we played against hosting team Fc Unterägeri and lost, leaving us on the 4th place. Putting all that aside, we are very pleased with the quality our team showed!

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