Our juniors and our club participated on a tournament for the first time with a new name. In semi-finals we played against a team that we won with 4:1, but this time it wasn’t so easy. As if it was not the same opponent. They even had a lead of 0 to 1. Mihajlo evened the score to 1:1 and made our dream of coming to finals possible. Conner, our goalkeeper, had a lot of work, but his saves brought us to the penalties. 2 minutes before the end our opponent scored, but the shot was made behind the middle line. The rules point out that the goal is counted only if it is scored from the enemy’s half. We were lucky and the goal was discarded. The penalties turned in our favour.

It was tense for the first 6 minutes of the finals. The opponent had a lead of 1:2. Based on our mistakes, lack of concentration and strength we lost the finals and settled with 2and place.

We are proud of our youngsters and the results they achieved. Bravo!